Members of Congress Need to Grow Up

The current government shutdown has clearly demonstrated many of the fundamental problems with the two Houses of Congress.  Members of Congress can not seem to express an opinion on any topic unless it has been drafted for them by political strategists and communications experts from one of the major two parties.  They can’t seem to formulate logical views of their own, nor make any decisions that may conflict with the rhetoric of the two parties that they have been told to espouse.

While our country tries to cope with the effects of a non-functioning government, members of Congress participate in publicity stunts that are supposed to draw attention to themselves for political advancement.  They seem to crave the attention that, in their minds, they so richly deserve.  They are not interested in working hard to solve our country’s growing list of major issues.  They want to be stars.

If any of us were the parents of the members of Congress, as a group, we would describe their behavior in one word — immature.  And, unfortunately, that is what they are.  However, the road forward is clear.  Members of Congress need to grow up, get the government working again, raise the debt limit, and then go to work on creating a balanced budget, and one that begins to reduce the enormous amount of debt that we have accumulated.  If they truly want to be stars, that is the one surefire way to become stars.

About William M. McGee

Bill McGee is a Managing Partner with McGee Partners LLC, a boutique consulting firm located in Avon, CT. The firm specializes in consulting projects in the areas of strategic management, financial management, and business improvements. He has over thirty-five years of consulting and management experience working with clients in a variety of industries.
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