A Culture of Loyalty

A friend recently reminded me of an employee survey I did a few years ago for a large construction company on the topic of loyalty.  The results of the survey were extremely positive, and underlined the strong effective culture at the company.  In fact, the company’s culture is so strong and so effective, that I have never seen another as good in my thirty plus years in the consulting profession.  With the company’s permission, I wrote an article about the results of the survey and published it shortly after the completion of the survey.  If you have read the article previously, I think it is worth a reread.  This company doesn’t get nearly enough credit for their culture.

As a brief update on the company, I am told that they continue to prosper.  Their reputation for quality construction and on-time project completions continues to spread through the industry, they are growing aggressively domestically, and more recently, have opened new offices internationally.

Here is a link to the article:

A Culture of Loyalty

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Bill McGee is a Managing Partner with McGee Partners LLC, a boutique consulting firm located in Avon, CT. The firm specializes in consulting projects in the areas of strategic management, financial management, and business improvements. He has over thirty-five years of consulting and management experience working with clients in a variety of industries.
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