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In Support of Glass-Steagall

The legislation commonly known as Glass-Steagall provided simple, yet effective, regulations to our banking system.  It separated commercial banking and investment banking activities and entities.  It was that simple.  This topic was also discussed in an earlier article in 2012 … Continue reading

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Stuck in the middle with…well, apparently, no one!

There is no doubt that our country has become more and more divided politically.  Rhetoric has become more intense, positions have gotten more rigid, and debates have become more heated, from both the left and the right.  Unfortunately, I don’t … Continue reading

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Article Plagiarism

Over my career, I have probably written thousands of articles, documents, presentations, speeches, thought pieces, blog posts, and the like. I am a consultant, and consultants must communicate their thoughts and ideas to support their business. However, a few years … Continue reading

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