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Glass-Steagall and Presidential Candidates

One of the major issues that I will take into consideration when choosing a candidate to support in the 2016 election is where they stand on re-instituting Glass-Steagall.  It is not the only factor that I will consider, but it … Continue reading

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In Support of Glass-Steagall

The legislation commonly known as Glass-Steagall provided simple, yet effective, regulations to our banking system.  It separated commercial banking and investment banking activities and entities.  It was that simple.  This topic was also discussed in an earlier article in 2012 … Continue reading

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Members of Congress Need to Grow Up

The current government shutdown has clearly demonstrated many of the fundamental problems with the two Houses of Congress.  Members of Congress can not seem to express an opinion on any topic unless it has been drafted for them by political … Continue reading

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Stuck in the middle with…well, apparently, no one!

There is no doubt that our country has become more and more divided politically.  Rhetoric has become more intense, positions have gotten more rigid, and debates have become more heated, from both the left and the right.  Unfortunately, I don’t … Continue reading

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A Disaster Is Not In My Contract

On Saturday, October 29, 2011, an early Winter storm swept through the New England states. It was a storm that New Englanders refer to as a “Nor’Easter”, and it left a path of destruction and power outages across much of … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Buddy Roemer and Money In Politics

Politics is not a topic to which I normally pay a lot of attention, perhaps because there always seems to be a lot of people talking, but very few of them are actually doing anything productive. Moreover, this is perhaps … Continue reading

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