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McGee Partners LLC is a professional consulting firm located in Avon, CT.  We perform projects for clients in several industries, including financial services, consumer products, and television broadcasting.  The projects we perform fall generally within the areas of business strategy, finance, and technology.  Our proprietary strategic management process has been applied successfully at dozens of clients, who praise the process for the results they have achieved.

McGee Partners is owned and managed by two highly experienced executives, one of whom oversees each and every project that we perform.

Virginia A. (Ginny) McGee.  Ginny McGee has over 25 years of consulting, management, and public accounting experience. She has directed many projects within the financial function of companies in several types of industries, and in other areas where financial experience was required for the successful completion of the projects. She works extensively in the area of project management, having unique capabilities in project management and organization. She is also responsible for the firm’s relationship with Ernst & Young, through which we perform revenue market surveys and provide selected other services for the television broadcasting industry. Prior to forming McGee Partners, Ginny was with Chase Manhattan Bank, where she was a VP and department head in the financial division. Prior to that, she was with Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co., in the bank audit department in the New York office. She has a BS degree in accounting and is a CPA.

William M. (Bill) McGee.  Bill McGee has over 30 years of consulting and management experience, primarily in the financial services industry. He has personally directed over 300 consulting assignments, covering a wide range of functions and industry segments. His consulting experience has been obtained with McGee Partners, KPMG Consulting, Price Waterhouse, and First Manhattan Consulting Group. Immediately prior to forming McGee Partners, he was National Managing Partner and Global Industry Leader of the financial services consulting practice at KPMG Consulting. During the years between 1993 and 2001, he led the KPMG Financial Services Consulting practice through a period of unprecedented growth that saw global revenue increase to well over $1 Billion.  Prior to becoming a consultant, he was with Omaha National Bank, and before that, American Can Company. He has a BS degree in accounting and a MBA degree in financial management.

Our Work

All of the projects that we conduct at McGee Partners are priced based on our standard hourly rates and our estimates of the amount of time and number and level of staff necessary to complete the work successfully.  Fee estimates for projects are provided to clients for their approval prior to the start of any work, and can be quoted as fixed, variable, contingent, or structured in unique ways to meet specific client needs.

We have completed literally hundreds of consulting projects for clients at McGee Partners and other firms with which we have worked.  These projects have covered a wide range of subject matter, and were completed for clients in several different industries.  In order to ensure that our projects are completed with the highest possible quality and consistency, we follow a consulting approach that is simple, yet sound, and places value on routine effective communications with clients.  Our consulting approach is normally shared with clients prior to beginning projects.

In addition to our project-based consulting work, we also work in a management advisory capacity, and when needed, we provide temporary management staffing to clients.  Management advisory work is normally priced on a time and materials basis, and temporary management staffing is normally priced on a run-rate basis for a projected period of time.
Our Skills

Each and every client project that we perform is unique, addressing specific client needs and recognizing individual client circumstances.  Therefore, the list provided here is only meant to provide examples of the types of projects that we have completed.

Strategic Management
  • Business strategy formulation
  • Strategic management process design
  • Organization structure design
  • Shareholder value "audits"
  • Strategic operations design
  • Profit improvement reviews
Financial Management
  • Financial function reengineering
  • Control reviews
  • Management and board reports design
  • Information architecture design
  • Cost accounting systems
  • Profitability reporting systems
  • Risk management information systems
Data Management and Surveys
  • Data architecture reviews and design
  • Process design
  • Traditional and web-based surveys
  • Market revenue surveys
  • Employee surveys
  • Customer surveys
  • Cost effectiveness studies
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